The Bluetooth™ Card from Apple
The Bluetooth™ Antenna from Apple


1. Open your G5

Ok, any owner of a G5 that haven't opened it up yet? If so, pull out the lock-handle on the back of the computer. Flip out the side panel from the top, and remove it. Then grab the plastic panel in its handle, top of the panel, dead center. Pull it out and remove it. Now you'll have full access to your G5's internals.

2. Remove the fan/speaker assembly

Right underneath the SuperDrive you'll see a fan/speaker assembly, in light grey plastic. Be careful when removing, so that you don't pull the wires too much. You need to gently disconnect the two wire-sets going from the speaker and fan on too the motherboard. This wil allow you to remove the entire fan/speaker box by pulling it straight out. If it seems stuck, don't use force, gently try helping it out from underneath, where it's attatched to the metal case divider.

3. Voila...

Ok, after removing the fan/speaker box, you'll see the modem-card wrapped in black with a white sticker on it. Above this, you'll see the two golden fastening points, where your new Bluetooth™ module will sit. In order to make this guide, I also removed the modem, just to show you where everything is. This also allows for a somewhat easier assembly of the Bluetooth™ module.

4. The antenna cables

If you, as me, don't have the Airport Extreme card in your G5, you'll see two antenna cables hanging underneath the metal case divider. These are the cables for your Bluetooth™ and Airport Extreme. These go through the case, and ends up at the two antenna connectors on the back of your G5. You'll need the smallest one of these in order to get the Bluetooth™ working. Gently pull it out, and pull it backwards into the upper compartment, where we'll mount the card.

5. Mounting the antenna cable

Underneath your Bluetooth™ module you'll see a small antenna-connector on the short side, opposite to the connectors for the motherboard. Gently press the antenna cable on to the connector, be careful not to break it.

6. Attach the module to your motherboard

Now, flip the card over, so that the main connector is facing the motherboard. Gently attach the card to your motherboard, making sure that the two connectors are perfectly aligned. You'll feel a small click when the card pops in place.

7. Reattach the modem if removed

If you removed the modem, put it back in place, and make sure you don't get the cables squeezed in between anything. In the package I got when ordering the spare parts for the Bluetooth™ module, there were no screws. These are not standard PC screws, they are actually a lot smaller. So I ended up borrowing one from the modem, since the same are used there. Considering the connectors to the motherboard, and the feather-like weight of these cards, I don't consider this a problem. You can probably get spare screws from your nearest service center.

8. The antenna connector

On the back of your computer, you'll find two antenna connectors. The top one is for the Airport Extreme card. This antenna was included in your G5 package. You will of course not be needing that for this procedure. The bottom antenna connector, right above the Optical Audio Out connector, is for the Bluetooth™ antenna. This is directly connected to the cable you mounted at step 5. Gently press the antenna in here, making sure you don't break the connector.

9. All done

With the antenna in place, all you have to do is fire up the computer, and enjoy your Bluetooth™!